Monday, November 26, 2007

The critgroup

I'm in a critique group called Critical Mass. There are about a dozen or so of us and people drop in and out as their lives and careers change. This month I know we'll see S.M. Stirling, Jan Stirling, Daniel Abraham, Walter Jon Williams, and Terry England (and me.) Other regulars include Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Tregillis, and Ty Franck.

In order to prepare for critgroup, I have to read everything people have submitted this month. The subs were out a week in advance, but did I use the holidays to read? No. Fortunately I'll be able to devote all of tomorrow and Wednesday to reading and preparing critiques.

At meetings we all give feedback on each person's piece with the hopes of helping him or her to improve it. In order to join the group, one must be a graduate of Clarion, Clarion West, or Odyssey, or have sold a story to a pro market. The group also needs to have space available. In order to be allowed to attend each meeting, you must have submitted a story that month, or submitted a story the last month that you attended.

I believe I was the first unpublished member admitted under the Clarion rule.

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