Friday, November 23, 2007

You go, Vanessa

I won't be doing a lot of this, talking about things other than my writing and writer friends, that is, but I suppose this ties in. I decided to buy Heroes & Thieves after watching the first thirty seconds of this video. You may need to go look at her video for 1,000 Miles to get the joke.

I like piano rock, so I'd always liked Vanessa. When she lost her record deal, I thought that might be the last I ever saw of her. Now, though, she's back. With a vengeance. Her voice is stronger, she seems a lot more confident on screen, and it is possible to listen to this album for 6 hours straight and not get tired of it. I know this for a fact. Stephen and I played it nonstop all the way up to and all the way back from MileHi Con this year. I still felt like listening to it when I got home, only to find that Stephen had ninjaed the CD. (Stephen is one of my former seminary students who has adopted us.)

Vanessa, you've won yourself a couple of life long fans here.

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