Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Critgroup meeting, Ian didn't kill me

So I managed to survive the critgroup meeting without being offed by Ian Tregillis. Instead he writes the following:

I see there's no mention of the six different times I saved Earth from invasion. Nor of the various pen names I writeunder, such as "George Marten" and "S. M. Stirling" and "Daniel Abraham". I'll bet you didn't even know, did you? Bah!

And Blogger still thinks I'm a spambot. Bah, I say.

See, I thought Ian planned to stick with his Spider RR Zelazny pen name. Yeah, okay, another late night and a long drive, as you can see.

Sora story got improved marks from Critical Mass, but will need some further revising. Back to the romance novel tomorrow.

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