Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jumper, the movie

So, yes, the night before last, Trevor and I went to see Jumper. I am glad I read both Jumper and Jumper: Griffin's Story before I went, as it really did fill in the backstory. The only downside was that I, like many others who know the world, wondered how much the movie effectively conveyed to the audience. I could fill in the facts about the world and how jumping worked, but have no idea how much someone who hadn't read the books would understand. All in all, though, the movie was a great ride.

And seeing it with Steve Gould and friends was a lot of fun. He and Laura and their daughters were all dressed up for the red carpet. Trevor and I just wore Sunday clothes, as neither of us has red carpet formal wear. We filled a good portion of the theater, and other writers like Steve Stirling, George RR Martin, Bob Vardeman, and Stephen R. Donaldson were in attendance (and if there are others of you I missed, I'm sorry. It was crowded and I'd been up since 5am that day.) When Steve Gould's name came up on the screen we all cheered.

And then afterwards we went around the corner to Tucano's to eat. Trevor, the carnivore, loves that place, and several friends who couldn't make it to the movie joined us there. We're all hoping the movie does well so that the sequels get made!

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