Thursday, March 13, 2008

Head hurting

So yesterday I wrote 14,000 words. No idea how many of them I'll keep, but at least they're down on paper (or on my hard drive, actually) ready to be edited and pushed around. I sent 60 pages of the manuscript to Critical Mass last night and will send more next Wednesday. This is the requirement for any of us subbing more than 100 pages total.

Really, I think that once I get my sections to Critical Mass this month, I'll be pretty well critted on that book. I may or may not get the last scenes polished up, but honestly, if the ending doesn't work, that usually means the beginning is screwed up. So, I'll stop torturing my colleagues there with LDS romance and go back to science fiction for a while. At the same time, the novel in its "best I can do just working on the technical aspects" form will go out to proofreaders who can tell me all the ways it fails on a non-technical level.

I'm totally exhausted and more than a little cross-eyed. I know I'll be rewriting and reworking those scenes for another month and will have produced many times the number of words that will actually make it into the novel. Yet, I keep reminding myself that the end product is worth it. You know, for those five minutes between when I finish and when I send it out to get ripped up by publishers....

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