Thursday, April 24, 2008


Met with Critical Mass last night, and there are a lot of seriously good books coming out in the next year. I highly recommend Walter Jon Williams's, This Is Not a Game, and Ian Tregillis's, Bitter Seeds. Walter's is about a group of ARG (Alternate Reality Game) designers who find themselves in a much bigger game than the one they'd originally designed. Walter is a master plotsmith, and also has a very advanced understanding of everything from corporate structures to money markets to gamer culture, all of which feature prominently, and yet are so clearly explained that anyone can find their way in this thoroughly engaging novel.

Ian's Bitter Seeds takes place during World War II. Hitler is in power, the Nazis are on the move, and a German scientist has made a small cadre of super humans with abilities that range from walking through walls to telekineses and precognition. The Britons, in their desperate efforts to save their nation, turn to magic. Eidolons are raging in the Channel, exacting their blood prices. This isn't alternate history, it's something a thousand times more mind bending. You'll want to get the whole trilogy, but alas, you'll have to wait until 2009 for the first one. The second and third will be released the next year and year after.

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