Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Typeset pages

I got the typeset pages for my novel today and have sent them on to Char and another of Char's good friends in Utah. I have no idea where all of these wonderful people come from, who are willing to do such thankless tasks, like reading galleys for typos and other typesetting errors. That's what my job will be for the next couple of days, and Char and her friend, Emily, will send me whatever they find and I'll compile it all and send it to my editor.

So far, so good. The manuscript is pretty clean. Reading it sends me into a panic as I mull over all the skills I lack as a writer. By page 2 I'd reached the point that I thought I'd be lucky to sell ten copies of the thing, but then I reminded myself that I have more than ten family members who're charitably inclined.

The pub date is June 6.

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