Thursday, July 24, 2008


My publisher has suggested that I do some "drop-ins" at various Seagull Bookstores when I'm in the Salt Lake Area for the LDSBA Convention in a couple of weeks. These are a new term and a new concept for me, but the basic idea, I gather, is going to the bookstore to meet the staff and be nice to them so that they think you're a good person worthy of selling a few books. I've read about this practice before, but never witnessed it. Yes, I'm definitely new at this.

The first thing I need to do is schedule these by calling the stores. I'm going to sit down with my mother (who's driving up to SLC with me) and together we're going to figure out the locations of all the stores so we can know which ones are near each other. The actual calls will be strange for me the first few times, but the publicist for Covenant assured me that bookstore staff will know what a "drop-in" is when I suggest doing one.

I'm also doing a couple of signings that week. Check out the calendar at to see details.

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