Thursday, July 3, 2008


Okay, so my blog will be a few days out of synch with actual events, and I don't have my pictures to upload yet. But on Saturday I did my first signing for Time and Eternity, up at the Words of Wisdom Bookstore in Billings, Montana. I don't think it's possible for bookstore staff to be more supportive than these guys were. First of all, they scheduled a signing, which doesn't usually bring in much business for a store, especially not when the author is new. Secondly, they spent the entire time hanging out at the table with me, talking. Often bookstore staff don't have time to do this, what with having to run a store. Thirdly, I watched them bodily drag a customer over to the signing table and thrust a book into her hand. Now, that goes above and beyond, I have to say. Seriously.

Their support has really helped sales of the book. They averaged selling more than one a day for the first month, which for a store of their size is incredible.

I also learned the very disturbing fact that their most shoplifted items are scriptures and CTR rings. I'm trying to imagine a person reading their stolen scriptures or wearing their stolen "Choose the Right" ring and wondering if such an individual knows what irony is.

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