Monday, September 1, 2008

Three trips to Colorado in one month

Finished our third and last trip to Colorado for the month of August this weekend. We won't be back until October. Last month I had Denvention, then a visit to my sister, then a trip to take Trevor to an appointment. Good thing we like the mountains, and driving through them.

Just before I left, Walter Jon Williams was kind enough to put in a good word for me with the editor of a YA SF anthology, which resulted in permission for me to submit. Given the caliber of the other authors invited, my getting permission is a very nice gesture on the part of the editor, though my odds of getting in are still quite low. I'm up against Hugo and Nebula winners who have space already set aside for them, so mine will be considered only if one of them doesn't deliver and my story is good enough, or if my story is just so amazing it can't be left out. I'll try for the latter, but can only realistically hope for the former. Walter himself had been invited, but had to decline.

Trevor and I broke the plot for the story on our long car drive, and I took a crack at the first thousand words today. It'll take me a while to get a good feel for the hard SF components, and I'll probably need to brush up on some basic chemistry. This is the problem with writing SF when you haven't done science since you were 19, but it drives me nuts how many hard SF stories don't get the science right. The due date isn't for quite a while, so I've got some time to polish this up (and I intend to use a good chunk of it, then turn the story in early in the hopes that it can be included.)

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