Monday, October 13, 2008

Fan mail

Obviously, I don't get much of this, but I had two this weekend and that was really great. Many of the people who give me feedback on my work are people that I already know, so I tend to discount it because I know a lot of nice people. That isn't to say I don't appreciate it. I do very much, but I also realize that it doesn't necessarily mean I wrote anything that stands out in any particular way to them. They're just proud of me and being supportive.

But this weekend I actually had people looking to buy more copies of the book to give to people who don't know me at all. It's wonderful of people to do that, and some of the best fan mail to get. Then I know the person found it a worthwhile read. Requests for signed bookplates are also lovely, because it's the person letting me know they like the book enough to want to personalize it and keep it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm mean, I don't like anyone, especially you, and if I could I would totally steal your dog and eat it. Also, your husband is both too tall and too blond. So there.

    But I think you have turned into a damn fine writer. And I've been around since pretty much the beginning of this whole writing thing.

    So you should totally listen to my opinion on this stuff.