Friday, November 7, 2008

Birthday present

For my birthday, my husband got me an ultramoble computer to replace the laptop that died so tragically a few weeks ago. My husband already had an Asus Eee PC and he ordered an Acer. I think he originally intended to just give the latter to me, but I pointed out that I would only be using my ultramoble for word processing, so he should take the one that had the niftiest bells and whistles for the what he likes to do, which is run investing models, stream videos, hack the Linux kernal, and really, I don't know what else. So he tried them both out and asked for the Acer.

I really like the Asus. It's very mobile and while the keyboard is smaller than standard, that only took me about a day to get used to. When our wireless is working I can do things like post on this blog from it. (It isn't working right now.) Even better still, the computer has no moving parts inside and no hard drive, which would make it theoretially harder to break (see if I still manage to do it. I bet I just might.) These two machines were also very cheap. We got both for the price of one laptop.

I got used to writing on a laptop type thing back in college. A laptop was my very first computer - it sort of had to be since I was commuting to school in the UK. I used only laptops through law school and what I like about them is that I keep continuity, writing on the same machine, wherever I am. Weird things, like adapting to a new computer, can knock me out of my groove. Ever since getting married I've used my husband's old laptops, and now that he gets supplied those by his job, he had no laptop to hand down to me when mine died. I didn't want to buy a whole brand new laptop, given that all I do is word process. Seems like a waste of money. I looked at Alphasmarts and other such devices, but it's hard to beat an ultramoble. It does exactly what I want and very little more.

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