Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well, I did get home in time to watch my widget, and election coverage on four websites and two live video streams. It was a crazy day at the county clerk's office in Rio Arriba. That office did an excellent job looking out for the rights of voters; the craziness was due to rogue campaigners who went within 100 feet of the polling place, some misunderstandings about registration, and one insane situation where a former felon was told by a parole officer that he couldn't get cleared to vote unless he voted for McCain.

Then I came home, burned toast (toaster is broken), set off the smoke alarm, and ate in front of my computer (we don't get television - no antenna, no cable). I am happy to see the outcome. When I was a kid, I remember having some teenagers throw rocks at our house, ring our doorbell, and shout racial epithets at my Asian father. I am, frankly, stunned that my child will be born after we've elected and inaugurated our first minority president. S/he won't even remember the Obama presidency. It'll be taught in his/her history class. This isn't why I supported Obama, but it's quite a bonus.

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