Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dang heart problems!

I didn't get as much writing as I wanted to done today, thanks to several annoying factors. One was that the school district ought to have called a snow delay this morning, but didn't so I went to teach Seminary in the driving snow. The bus was sliding all over the place and running very late. I had six students - less than half the class - but I don't take attendance on days like this.

Then my heart started acting up. My heart's another of my mysterious health issues, that I've had investigated by doctors, but gotten no answers for. My heartrate is always high, and some days it races so bad that I feel faint and tired. When I worked full time, I'd have to work through these attacks, or try to. It often wasn't all that possible. I'd lock my door and put my head down on my desk until they passed, which could take an hour or more. Today's took two. I have no idea if this is related to my sleep issues, but I will go through long panic attacks in connection with those. They're annoying. All I can do is wait them out - if I try to get on with my life, they dig in even worse.

There's little that's more frustrating than not being able to do anything useful while I wait for my body to restabilize. I got some work on my YA SF short story done, but very little. I'm hoping tomorrow goes better....

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