Monday, January 19, 2009

Back into edits

This week is starting out a lot better than the last. I'm back into editing my novel, taking some scenes I wrote before all the heart trouble of last week and integrating them in. Again, I'm starting slow, but this shouldn't take too long. "Slow" for me means taking 2-3 weeks to fully edit and revise a novel - I find it goes easier if I do it in large chunks.

In order to get a better emotional connection with the reader, I'm putting in some scenes that show how dangerous it is to live in space; how flimsy the walls are between you and certain death. What I need to be careful of is not overplaying that - there's a fine line between tense and tedious.

And today Trevor and I went to WalMart for a major excursion. I have to take a moment to sing the praises of my in-laws who are coming to town to decorate the nursery. By decorate, I mean paint, furnish, and basically transform the room. They sent us a list of supplies to get, and they will provide the labor. This is so incredibly wonderful of them, I need to think of something wonderful to do in return. I've just been too physically exhausted to do anything like this. Forget "nesting". I didn't get that phase.

Lately I think my level of exhaustion has settled to what's typical for 7 months pregnant. The pregnancy helps me sleep better than I usually do, but I don't think any normal person would consider it sleeping well. I can't sleep for too long before my joints start to ache, so I sleep in two shifts, one at night, one during the day. Other than that, I write and goof off more than I should, playing too many video games. I forgive myself for that, though. This'll be the last time in my life for a long time that I'm at liberty to do these things, so I'm going to enjoy it.

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