Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Critical Mass Meeting

I joined Critical Mass this evening via telephone; it was great of them to let me do that. At 7 months pregnant and 8 months off my sleep meds, I didn't want to be driving home alone late at night. I sent in a copy of the critique letter that an agent sent me - with all the identifying information taken out - and the synopsis I sent the agent in order to see what the group's take was on how to do the rewrite that I've been working on. I find lots of viewpoints helpful, even if I can only incorporate a few. The other perspectives will continue to help me as I turn to my next project and the one after.

Needless to say, everyone had valuable insights. I'm incredibly lucky to be able to tap into the minds of Daniel Abraham, Ian Tregillis, S.M. Stirling, and Terry England for this sort of thing (Ty Franck was there, but just observed my section). I may need to phone it in again next month, and I'm pretty sure I won't make it to the March meeting. I'll figure out when I can get back once I've met this child and have a better idea of his/her needs!

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