Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm getting beaten up from the inside. Oh well, at least it means the baby's moving. Every now and then it gets me in an especially sore spot and that's no fun. We had our last sonogram today and yep, it's definitely a baby in there. It had the right number of limbs and organs and everything, and is situated head down, ready to be born. According to my OBGYN, it's fully viable, so now we'll just see when the birth comes. All three ultrasounds indicate that this will be a boy, meaning we'll be really, really surprised if it's not.

The problem is I got beaten up so bad last night that I didn't sleep, at all. Not even the usual ninety or so minutes I can get with my insomnia raging. The kid's got a powerful kick and a fully developed skeleton. I'm only now sitting down to write. Being exhausted really slows me down, but it's important not to let a day slide past without writing.

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