Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Closing in

I'm down to the last forty pages of rewrite on my book, and then I'll send it back to the agent who suggested that I do this rewrite. The piece is definitely stronger thanks to his advice (we'll see if he agrees).

Meanwhile, I'm also overloading myself with information on childrearing. There are so many conflicting opinions out there, and my research method has always been to scan through whatever I can find, then mull it all over and decide what makes the most sense to me. I'm in overwhelmed/overstimulated phase of that process right now. If only I could rest assured that there are multiple right answers - instead I find myself taking note of how many screwed up people there are in the world, each one a reminder of how very wrong this could all go. Yeah... I need more sleep.


  1. My advice: Try to hang out with people whose parenting style you like. It was still sorta hard for me to figure out HOW they were doing it, though!

  2. Yeah, right now I'm still figuring out which styles I like! Preferably ones where the parents stay sane (or as sane as anyone stays in a close knit family) and the kids are happy and secure.