Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phil's Fresh

Some shameless nepotism on my blog today. My brother-in-law and Brendan-from-Survivor are buying into Phil's Fresh Foods, which is a burrito maker of, in my totally not biased opinion, very high quality. Brendan and Tom were the team behind Bear Naked Granola, which in two years went from startup to selling out in a very lucrative deal to Kellogg's. It is also the granola of choice for Barack Obama. (No, I'm not making that up. He's made a point of stocking it on his campaign and in the White House.)

So, go eat some Phil's Fresh burritos, currently carried by Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage, and also served in several Denver area school cafeterias - and distribution should widen quite a bit with the new ownership. There's a wide variety of flavors, and hey, you can also help put my unborn niece/nephew through college.

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