Friday, June 5, 2009

Overload, of the best kind

I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to lately. I've decided I need to pare down the number of creative projects I'm working on at once to two. One will always be writing, but this week I've been doing edits on my LDS novel, making a baby blanket for an old friend (as in one I've known for a long time, not elderly), and digi-scrapbooking the Mah family reunion. I really enjoy all of these, but I'm not getting quite enough sleep...

My son has started sleeping for long stretches, though, which means we often sleep through the night. While the rest is nice, he wasn't really bothering me when he did wake me up. He'd just feed, then go right back down to sleep, and it was always easy for me to drift off again. I almost miss him when I don't get woken up!

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