Thursday, July 23, 2009

When nothing new is happening

Well, here's the thing about writing full time, sometimes when I'm at my most productive, I have very little to say. I'm in the early stages of a novel, and I'm not sharing details not because they're oh so secret, but because they're bound to chance. A lot. I'm not one of those writers who can do only a couple of drafts. I literally do a dozen or more - yes, literally. I'm constantly rewriting and tearing scenes out and switching characters around. I can only see what will work by testing out all possibilities.

The process doesn't make for very interesting blog posts, I don't think. Though for what it's worth, I've written about 10,000 words and will probably rip out the first 6,000 or so and do pared down scenes. Often when I write the beginning, I start too early and move too slow while I'm getting my bearings in the story. This project is a YA fantasy novel. My last round of agent submissions netted me some really wonderful feedback from a couple of agents that I would just love to be repped by, but as they explained to me (not in so many words) I need something new, fresh and much more demonstrative of my currents skills. My other project was years old, and I may still go back to it again someday, but it was starting to get a worn, thin feel to it.

And in other news, my World of Warcraft character got her motorcycle with sidecar today :-). I took nearly a year to save up the in-game materials for it. People think computer games are always played by nutty addicts, but I've been gaming since high school and, though I've gone through my addictive phases, I usually enjoy spreading the content out. There's no rush to get that new cool item, just work towards it slowly, and I find that I'm still loving the game while many of the other players are burned out and gone.

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