Thursday, August 27, 2009

New nephew!

Just got word that my sister had her baby, a boy. Word is that he's between 6-7 pounds and is doing well. Both sets of grandparents and an uncle are en route to see the new arrival.

I'm purposely being vague on details like where the birth happened and my sister and her husband's name because I have no idea how they feel about having this event posted on-line. People who know the couple will already know all that stuff.

I'll head out to see them sometime after this weekend. I've got events to go to at Bubonicon, and this way, instead of having everyone come out right after the birth, we can spread the visits out into an unrelenting experience of guest after guest to take care of - er, I mean, nonstop support during these first days. I'll definitely strive to make it the latter ;-)

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