Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For an insomniac, I'm sleeping really well. I have this ambition, though, to do most of my sleeping at night. My main concern is for my son; if he can at least start his life on a regular schedule, maybe it'll stick.

My medication allows me to feel sleepy when I'm tired. Without it, tired and sleepy don't match up. I can be so exhausted that I'm babbling nonsense, and still not the least bit sleepy. I suspect that most people who "wish they had insomnia" are under the mistaken impression that insomniacs don't get tired. Today, for example, was one of *those* days. I don't want to sleep in because I don't want my sleep schedule to shift, but it means muddling through when I'm not able to do much.

Needless to say, this impacts the writing. I force myself to do a little every day just to keep moving forward on a project, but on days like this, a little really is that, very little.

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