Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm liking the 21st Century

Okay... maybe not. Blogger just randomly posted this post while I was composing it, giving it a modern, vignette with absolutely no hint of an ending feel, which I do often enough even when I don't want to.

Anyway, I was rambling on about how we're moving in less than a week and have furniture we need to get rid of. We can't haul it accross the ocean and it'd be wasteful to pay to store it. We thought we'd sell it at a garage sale, only, when we put some items up for sale at someone else's garage sale (actually, we were giving most of them away for free), none of them moved.

But then I remembered this new fangled web thingy called Craigslist, the 24/7 garage sale that people can browse at leisure. So I started posting pictures to Craigslist and realized that I could make the photos prettier with Photoshop - no, I am not doctoring them to look like they're made out of gold - although I do have a tool that does that. I started cropping and removing the color cast from photos so that the true colors come through.

In less than 24 hours we've sold 9 pieces of furniture, all of which had the nicer photos. It's so cool! Our house is emptying out nicely, and people hear that we're moving and put down offers on other items they want. So, I need to relist a couple of items with prettier photos.

And apparently people in the area like to surf Craigslist at midnight. Who knew?

And yes, I am still working on that novel, but there's nothing interesting to blog about there. Just me typing away on an EeePC while my son naps.


  1. I am looking forward to hearing about London and all of your adventures in England. I hope you will continue posting from across the pond.

  2. I intend to! Just need to figure out details like internet access over there. We did most of our small move today; the big furniture's all out of the house.

    Hope you and yours are well!