Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eep! Emmigration moved up.

So I'd been waiting to plan my pre-move visits to friends/family until I got the final word on how long we'd have health insurance. People who'd left my husband's employer said they'd had insurance until the end of that month, so that's roughly what I'd had in mind.

Turns out the insurance runs out 2 days after he leaves - given the way the pay periods fall.

This means the kiddo and I are going over to the UK on the same flight as my husband. I certainly don't mind being able to split the caring duties, but this means I have to completely redo my trip schedule. I'd promised my friend Smythe a visit in January (no, her real name isn't Smythe), but now I need to see if December works.

I also want to delay travel until my son can get his flu and swine flu vaccines, since air travel is a good way to spread viruses. He's right on the cusp of the high risk group, age-wise.

The good news, though, is that we found cheapoair.com for tickets and are flying the entire family from New Mexico to the UK for less than $1,000.00. I hope it isn't a full flight, since my son will be crawling by then.

On a totally different topic, I'm putting the finishing touches on that short story that Ling was kind enough to crit for me, and then I'll send it out.


  1. The whole family for less than one thousand dollars? Wow, that is incredibly cheap! And January should be a good month to travel.

    Good luck on your story!

  2. Yaay for short stories!

    Good luck with the traveling. I don't like traveling much. I like to go places, I just don't like traveling to them!

  3. Sorry to take forever to respond to you guys! Yeah, Melanie, cheapoair.com FTW! And I totally agree with you, Ling. Why is it that some of the best places to be require so much travel?