Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home again

Well, we are home again; we beat the snow that's supposed to blanket the area in a few hours. It turns out that the Call Me widget works, but my cell phone does not. My friend Brent tried it and I wasn't able to accept the call - sorry Brent! Brent's been my friend for nearly 33 years now, though, so he knew I wasn't giving him the brushoff. I wouldn't dare. He's got a picture of me wearing Underoos for a Halloween costume when I was six.

We've also come home to a letter from our mortgage company saying that we're late on our October payment. The house sold in mid-September. Now I'm dreading a long rigamarole, because something in their datakeeping is out of whack and I'm worried that they'll be jerks to us until they get it sorted out. I'll post my snide remarks about the specific company once I get them to stop billing us. (No, it isn't a local broker - all locals reading this needn't worry.)

On a positive note, I think I've got a lot of kinks in this novel I've been freewriting worked out. Tomorrow I'm going to start doing some research on the setting (I'm going to set it in Taos), and then get rolling. With this hurdle cleared, I should have some productive days ahead, until I hit the next roadblock.

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