Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surgery over

I'm home again after surgery and feeling like I'm coherent, though this post may prove otherwise. I don't know what kinds of drugs I've still got in my system :-) Before I could sit down and write more than a few lines last night, I fell asleep! Yay! That's a major accomplishment for me, not being able to stay up. I've worked for over a decade on that.

I was still tired, even, when I went in for surgery this morning. According to the surgeon, everything went well, and now I'm sitting with a piece of gauze taped over my nostrils. Sad but true, I can breathe through this about as well as I could breathe through my nose some days. The surgeon even commented to me that the membranes he operated on were "absolutely huge" and he said the same thing to my husband over the phone. Now I hope my mouth breathing days are almost over.

One of the odd things about the drugs they use before surgery is that one of them wipes the patient's memory. I don't remember anything after being told that they were going to put a drug in my IV, even though I was awake for a while after that. I'm just hoping that I didn't start doing anything embarrassing like singing or yelling swear words (my sister-in-law has some stories about people doing thinks like this, and the stories are really funny... to everyone except those people, I'm sure). My surgeon is the bishop of one of the local wards, so I really hope I didn't shout profanity at him, though I admit that even I would find that pretty hilarious.


  1. Glad you're back and ok! I never noticed you breathed through your mouth. And I've known a lot of mouth breathers!

  2. Lol, thanks Ling! I have to breathe through my mouth right now because my nose is all swollen shut. Man does that make your mouth dry!