Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final countdown

This is the last post I'll be making from this computer for a while. As soon as it finishes backing up files, we'll remove its hard drive to carry onto the plane and pack up the rest of it to check. We figured out that checking bags and paying the fees for extra weight is still quite a bit cheaper than shipping items, so we'll be taking as many checked bags as we're allowed. We'll also be carrying on two bags apiece plus a diaper bag. People will find us annoying, but it's only for this one trip.

Right now Trevor is doing all of the manual labor, packing bags. I feel useless in this respect, as I still feel out of it from surgery, but I've done things like send emails to property managers to arrange apartment viewings and have gotten our bank accounts all in order with powers of attorney signed for my parents, should they need to access anything while we're abroad.

What is hardest to comprehend is that in less than two days, we leave New Mexico for not just a trip, but for years. My mother and I did a quick driving tour of Taos for me to do some research for my book. It was good to take in the landscape one last time. I always miss my home state when I'm gone.

Tomorrow I'll have a follow up appointment for my surgery, then we'll head straight to Albuquerque to try to pick up our new eyeglasses and contacts before that office closes. If we miss it, they can mail them. Directly after that we'll go over to see Char, who is very kindly putting us up for the night, and that's ideal, getting to spend some of my last hours here with one of my very best friends.

Our flight leaves early in the morning on Saturday and we'll arrive in the early morning of Sunday at Heathrow - just when Britain's supposed to get another snow storm. It's a good thing we aren't in a rush, because this journey is going to take a lot of patience.

If I can, I'll blog during the trip, but that will likely only be if we get snowed in somewhere. For now I'll say a brief good-bye and I'll be back as soon as I can.

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