Friday, February 26, 2010

Etsy shop will open March 15.

Posted by PicasaBy March 15th I'll have everything in order, including a PO Box and shipping supplies. I know I'm jinxing myself there. If I launched the shop tomorrow before I had my shipping all set up, the store would sell out in five minutes. By having the required resources, I'll be lucky if I make a sale in the first three months. Oh well.

Here's a picture of some hair accessories I made for my sister-in-law, Tianne, which I'll send out today, unless Tianne sees this, hates it, and emails me before I get to the post office. I'm practicing taking pictures various places and think I may need to rig a light box. Anyone with more experience than I, please feel free to give advice. This picture is taken where there is the most natural light anywhere in the apartment, right at noonday. You can see how far north Britain is, no? I think the crystal still looks too dull and the picture could use a lot more light.

In the next couple of days I'll get a fan page set up on Facebook, and there I'll upload pictures of items that'll go in the shop. The URL for the Etsy shop is

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