Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So, aside from making jewelry and trying to photograph it, I have still been writing. This draft of the book is 2/3 done and I'm restructuring the second act. My ridiculously loyal friend, Char, has been reading and re-reading, giving me feedback, and I was just put in touch with a graduate of the high school where the book is set. She's been an amazing help, telling me a lot about how the place runs and steering me away from the assumptions I made based on my own high school experience.

People have asked when the book will be done, and the only response I can give is, when it is. I work on it every day and will continue to do so until it's up to the standard I've set for myself. I don't know what the final word count will be, but right now it's at 67,000 and holding while I revise. The amount of time it takes to do a whole novel is frustrating, but the feeling of progress every day is very gratifying.

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