Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby due near end of year

It's been a hectic week. The good news is: our baby looked nice and healthy at the 12 week scan, and my sleep has settled down to be mostly at night. I don't get enough of it to really function, but it's enough for me to limp along on until we re-evaluate whether I go back on my medication at 20 weeks. If I can make it without, I will, but I'm not sure I can.

Meanwhile, I've finally gotten rolling on another novel. I'd been tooling around with bits and pieces of things but nothing really held my interest until this project came together. It's more chick lit, but it won't be for the LDS market. We'll see if I can crack the national chick lit market with this one (or you may see it retooled if I can't, and I can always try the LDS houses.) And no, no word on my LDS chick lit sitting at Deseret Book. I'll pester them in a few weeks just to make sure they didn't lose my rejection letter, but they did warn me that this phase of their decision making process is the longest.

So, note to aspiring LDS authors, the response times on the Deseret Book website seem to be out of date. Not surprising for a house that has grown as much as they have since those submission guidelines were put up. Now, their response time seems to be closer to the 8 months or year that is common in the national market - a cautionary note for anyone who things writing is a way to quick fame and/or fortune. If a novel is picked up, it isn't unusual for it to be released a year or more after that.

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