Saturday, July 31, 2010


By this time next week I'll have a novel draft done and out to my friend Char, and my husband, and whomever else wants to risk reading a novel draft of a non LDS chick lit novel. So at this point my status is this: 1 novel waiting for a reply at Deseret Book (though if it doesn't sell there, I'm fairly sure I can sell it somewhere in the LDS market), 1 novel doing the rounds with agents (currently 2 of them have requested partials), and 1 novel under construction. And this is why so many aspiring writers give up. This is a long time to work without a paycheck and a lot of work to do. Having said that, there is no alternative way forward at this stage of a career. This isn't the job for someone who wants immediate recognition, or instant gratification.

I also have some short stories I want to be circulating, but we need to get the computer that is connected to the printer working first. My husband's working on that right now. I don't like not having anything about to come out; it's a state I try to avoid, but it happens, given the kind of writing I do. I suppose I'm not technically in said state, because I do have an article in a jewelry magazine slated to be out in the fall. At times like this, I envy freelancers who do articles, not because I want to do those, but because of the volume they can turn over.

So, anyway, for what it's worth, this latest novel I've been working on is the most exciting project since my last published one. It's one of those that is coming together nicely; I still have hours and hours and hours of writing and edits to do, but at least I know what the finished product ought to look like, which makes it "easy", as standards for this kind of thing go.

But for anyone who wants a writing update, as people request from time to time, the grind just goes on and on. Wish me luck!

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