Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One blog I do read regularly

Has posts that are about 4 lines long, and they crack me up. I guess I'll tag this "for aspiring writers" because this is a literary agent posting snarky comments on the queries he/she receives (I don't actually know which agent this is, but none of my queries have ever appeared on the blog, just for the record.)

Sad but true, these are real queries, and even more sad, I've heard people say almost the same things to me when they talk about their writing aspirations. If you think you want to be a writer... read this blog for a quick check. If you've ever thought to send a query like any of these... please re-evaluate? They are all ridiculous, okay? (Yes, I do worry about some people emailing me to say, "But I can understand sending one like such and so date. That agent is just so mean!")

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