Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arg, people!

Trevor's switched his schedule to work on Saturdays and take Mondays off. That way we're able to do more because we avoid all the weekend construction on the Underground. So yesterday, we could have theoretically slept in, (well, I wasn't asleep, but I was kind of half dozing) when someone called at 7am. We ignored the phone, and they called back, four, that's right FOUR more times before 8. They woke up our toddler and finally Trevor answered and chewed them out. Yay, Trevor!

The urgent matter they were calling about? A meeting two weeks from now that they'd already told us the details of in a message. Inexcusable.

Then I logged into my email and saw that Samantha Ling had read my draft novel and sent me a critique. That made my day. Later on, Char Peery IMed me and told me she'd have hers to me soon. People like this more than make up for waking up at 7am (though don't get me wrong, I selfishly want the 7am person to go away anyhow).

Trevor's also read the draft, so this means I can start rewrites. After rewrites come agent queries. It's a little strange to have two novels out to agents at the same time, but whatever. We'll see which one lands representation first, whether I move forward as a fantasy author or a romance one.

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