Friday, August 27, 2010


I don't normally wait a week between posts, but all this last week I've been rewriting my novel. I think the finished product is better, but we'll see what Trevor and Char think. In the end I got 5 critiques from all 5 readers who volunteered, which is amazing and really, truly wonderful of them. Once I finish with all the proofreading and final edits, then I begin the slog of agent submissions, and I'm in the very strange position of having two novels in two genres out. Like I've said before, we'll see which on lands representation first. If neither, then I may have to have a personal crisis, having been writing for ten years and slooowly building up sales.

But I take the fact that five people who know me were able to read the book and get back to me to be a good sign. Contrary to popular belief, people who know you are less likely to read your books than strangers. They fear it'll be too awful and they won't want to tell you about it. Parents and spouses may be an exception to this rule, but I was lucky enough to have a cousin, three friends, and my longsuffering spouse who really isn't in the target audience for romance at all.

Meanwhile, in other matters, now that I'm past the 20 week mark in my pregnancy, we've decided I should go back on my sleep medication. This wasn't an easy decision because I don't want to take any substances I don't have to, but the doctor assures me that the medication I use, which is very old and has been used extensively for over forty years, has never been connected to any birth defects, and that my dosage is far lower than normal anyhow. I rely on Trevor's judgment here too, since one of the symptoms of sleep deprivation is to be clueless about how out of it you are. In fact, one of my pet peeves in life is seeing how many sleep deprived people there are in the world who don't have the common sense to go get some sleep, rather like watching an alcoholic drink all the time to relieve stress. Trevor's been very nice, but he'd like me to go back on my medication :-)

And since he's as invested in the well being of our children as I am, I trust him. This means I will be incoherent for most of the day tomorrow. My medication doesn't just allow me to sleep for the night, it allows me to put a dent in my sleep deficit, which means I usually sleep for a day or two afterwards. Not straight through, but I'm not much good for anything else other than lying around. Our son will get a lot of time with daddy this weekend.

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