Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The great blog consolidation

As I get closer to welcoming my second child into the world, I'm doing a lot of virtual housekeeping. I'm revamping my jewelry store, and I'm cutting down on the number of sites and blogs and Twitter feeds I have. When I first started branching out into my businesses, I compartmentalized. My writing was here on this blog, my jewelry was in its Etsy store and had its own fan page, and my digiscrapping was in its Etsy store and had its own fan page.

Maybe I was afraid I'd look to scattered if I put it all in one place, but I guess I'm over that. I've consolidated my two businesses into this blog. You will now see tabs for each at the top of the page. I've also revamped the title and description of this blog. Perhaps it makes me look scattered, but hey, that's me. I get bored easily, so it helps to have a lot of different things going on at once.

I'll be dismantling other blogs and sites (though not the fan pages or stores) I have for my businesses here presently. This site is now your one stop for all things Emily Mah Tippetts.

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