Monday, November 1, 2010

Yet another rewrite

So, I told Shadow Mountain I'd revise a young adult/middle grade science fiction novel I wrote several years ago. In my memory, the manuscript was okay, but needed some tightening. Two agents had taken a very serious look at it before I decided to stop submitting it because I didn't feel right about it. How bad could it be?

Was this thing ever awful! Having said that, maybe the millionth time is the charm, because I now have a new idea for the plot that I think makes it all work. The only problem is that it'll take a ton of rewriting, but that's okay. I need something to keep me busy this month. I actually like this book now, and have roughed out the rewrite. I think I'll take a few more days to tighten and fill in gaps before imposing on my usual readers for feedback. Given the age level it's written for, it's quite a bit shorter than my last novel. Right now it's 50,000 but that could grow by another 10,000 in the next few days. I'm a writer who puts in too little rather than too much, so my later drafts grow longer, whereas many people pare theirs down.

The only other challenge is that it's now time to wean off my insomnia medication again. This means I'll start shutting down, mentally, and this'll show up on my blog as me sounding cranky. I try not to do that, but my ability to detect it is damped down when I don't sleep.

My Etsy businesses will also go into limbo. I can maintain them just fine, and will be doing some giveaways for my jewelry shop, but I won't be designing anything new for either of them. Next year, I'll be back. No doubt a little run ragged, but that's okay. I've been cultivating boredom these last few weeks. I don't want to have a baby while my life is full; I'm all about creating empty space for it. Only, for the next little while, that empty time will be filled up by everyday tasks taking three times as long as they should. I don't like being an insomniac. Anyone reading this who routinely skimps on sleep, what are you doing? Seriously, life is so much better when you're rested!

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