Monday, May 9, 2011


Trevor's at a conference tonight and tomorrow night, which means I'm spouseless. This means no one to cook dinner for us or to take care of the boys all evening or put them to bed. Trevor and I usually split the childcare 50-50, with me doing it all day and him in the evenings and weekends. It's something I always appreciate, and going without helps me appreciate it all the more!

But, despite this, I'm going to try to get a final draft of this short story done. I know, I know, craziness. Lately I've napped at the same time as the boys so that I can stay up later to work. I've never found one formula that works to make time to write. It's an ever-changing, constantly evolving process. My friend, Char, was kind enough to read my draft and give me some feedback, so that should guide me through the rewrite.

Once I finish this rewrite, I think I may go work on my middle grade science fiction novel again. It made the rounds to editors and agents some years ago, but was so awful I can't blame anyone for not taking it. Now it's so entirely rewritten that I may ask some of the agents who wanted to see the whole thing all those years ago if they'd be interested in this incarnation. Nearly always the answer to a query like this is "no." I only plan to try this time around because, save for a few key details and characters' names, this is a new book. Wish me luck!

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