Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buying a Kindle

Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology - includes Special Offers & Sponsored ScreensaversOver the past ten years, my reading has dropped precipitously. Now, granted, I always read a lot more than a normal person, but it's been a few years since I've read the 1-3 books a week I read all the way through college and law school. I'd assumed the reason for this was my ongoing membership in critique groups, most notably Critical Mass. In these groups I was always reading multiple novels under construction, and it was my job to point out everything I did and didn't like about them. Orson Scott Card once wrote that when his wife, Kristine, began to do this for him, she found it hard to read other books. She'd put them down when she was bored, or when she'd figured out the end.

Another reason is that I rarely have a hand free. Between kid wrangling, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, blogging, and whatever else it is that takes up all my time (still a mystery to me), I can't hold a book at the same time. Audio books put me to sleep. For one thing, people speak waaaaaay more slowly than I read, so I find them boring beyond belief, and secondly, the last time anyone read me a book was before bedtime when I was a kid.

A couple of my friends have published ebooks, and if you didn't know, quite often the author gets a bigger cut of the e-book sales than the print sales. I downloaded the Kindle app to my computer so I could read them, and realized I was doomed. It turns out my appetite for books hasn't slackened in the least, just my ability to get them in a form I can devour.

Next week, Trevor will be back in the US for a conference, and we're having a Kindle shipped out to his address there. The US has lower prices (lower taxes) on electronics. Ever since I placed the order, I've been browsing cases and gelskins; I feel like I'm preparing for another child and need to make sure it has everything it needs.

So, yes, I am way behind the curve. Nearly everyone reading this has at least one Kindle. I'd say I was keeping it real, but actually I've never been trendy. At all. Anyone who's seen my wardrobe would know.


  1. Diane B. - Boulder USAJuly 13, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Kindle. I love mine! By the way, your wardrobe is just fine. I look forward to seeing you, and your wardrobe, sometime in the near future. Miss you!!

  2. Speaking of Kindles and not having one, I wanted to download the September issue of Analog to read your story, but amazon wouldn't send it to my PC app. Apparently, I have to buy an actual Kindle. ARGH!

    I've listened to a few audio books. Well, okay, two Georgette Heyer books read by my faovurite actor Richard Armitage. But you know what I like to do? I download radio drama from BBC Radio 4 Extra (and sometimes Radio 4), put it on my (old) iPod, and listen to half-hour installments while I'm making lunch. Then I don't fall asleep, and I still get my drama fix. :-) I especially love the Doctor Who episodes featuring Paul McGann, and right now I'm listening to an adaptation of The Night Watch by Terry Pratchett. I use a program called Radio Downloader available at a site called Nerd of the Herd. I love books, too, but sometimes it's fun to hear the different voices and accents.

  3. lol, thanks, Diane! We look forward to being able to visit the home country eventually.

    And yes, Melanie, I had the same problem. I guess they worry about the illustrations not appearing all on one page but who cares about that??? Anyway, if you want to see the story, I'm happy to email it to you (and you, Diane). Just let me know.

  4. Diane B. - Boulder USAJuly 15, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    Yes, please Email it to me... I'm anxious to read more of what you have written.