Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday craziness

Thanks, everyone, who wished me happy birthday this week! So far 36 feels like... well... not much different :-) People have asked how my birthday went, and the resulting story is a little nuts.

My family and I went to a restaurant that we had a coupon for through Groupon - we love Indian food and it was a good deal. We will never go there again. It had a bar in it (not a big deal) with several people getting themselves smashed (annoying, but also not a big deal.) At first this was easy for us to ignore, but then a very inebriated woman decided to come see our cute children.

At first we tried to be polite about it, which as you can guess was a waste of time. She was no-short-term-memory kind of drunk, repeating the same things over and over and over. She wanted our baby to give her five. He had no idea what she was talking about. After about thirty repetitions, the manager returned to the dining room and I gestured at him repeatedly to please get this woman away from our table. Eventually, he did.

She came right back. Again, I had to point it out to the manager. My husband and I didn't want to do it, because we didn't want her to lash out at us.

Her friend did instead. She started shouting about how she had two children and would never take them anywhere that served alcohol, because having drunk people come stumbling up to your table is perfectly normal in such a place (in her universe). Now, I may be Mormon, but I've been in bars and pubs before and really, this was unusual. Besides that, it's hard to take criticism seriously when it comes from a confessed mother of two who is drunk at a quarter to eight on a Tuesday night.

Minutes later her friend - whom others were feeding more alcohol to - fell off her barstool. She didn't stumble off or fall partway and catch herself. She smacked right into the floor as only a thoroughly drunk person will do. Her group of friends all backed away. No one even went to see if she was all right. Finally, the manager peeled her off the floor and escorted her out.

So, that was my birthday dinner. The food was excellent, at least, but after we were done we took our two kids and made a beeline for the Underground station and home. A friend of mine pointed out that both my boys may eventually need to know how to handle having drunk women hit on them. That is funny... but only in hindsight ;-)


  1. Well I'm glad that you survived the dinner for your birthday (happy belated at that). I'm also glad the food was delicious. The manager should have helped out a little more but it seems appaernt they were more concerned that the money was still spent on drinks. I guess some people have no ability to hold their drinks.

    I'm going to lurk here now!

  2. Wow...dinner and a floor show! a golly-I'm-glad-that's-over kind of way. I hope the food was good, at least. :)

  3. You are most welcome here, Jen - you've got the same name, different spelling, as an old friend of mine whom I've run into twice in life, once at summer camp, and then we were both at the same boarding school, even though she'd moved across the country.

    And yes, Abbie, it was quite a show. Felt like being in college again. THe food was fantastic! If you come visit us, we are not taking you there.