Thursday, January 26, 2012

Computer woes over, for now

Phew, well, sorry I was out of the loop for a week there. This time I had an excuse. My last netbook broke (after being dropped at least a dozen times on a hard floor - thank you kiddos), then the keyboard on my desktop broke, then the power cord on the netbook that my husband loaned me broke, but now I've got a new netbook that is an updated version of my old one, that endured multiple drops onto a hard floor from three feet and higher. Gotta love Samsung - or I do, at least.

So I'm behind on my book reviewing and all that, but will get caught up here!


  1. What's the saying -- bad things come in threes? It's not entirely true, of course, but sometimes it can seem like that. I was reminded of the time many years ago that my son rubbed a magnet across the screen of the computer monitor. Very interesting effect. So glad you're back online, and may your new netbook endure to infinity and beyond -- or at least to the end! :-)

  2. Thanks, Melanie! And yes, I can imagine the magnet would've made a pretty, rainbowy mess of things.