Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghost Rider Blues - on George RR Martin's blog

This is something that seemed to bear linking. I confess I'm not planning to see the movie, Ghost Rider, and I don't read comics, but George has blogged about the plight of the original creator, and it's worth sitting up to take notice. George writes:
So, maybe you're thinking of going to the movies this weekend, and catching the new GHOST RIDER flick. Hey, why not? Choppers, demons, plenty of action and eye-popping special effects, and Nicholas Cage with his head on fire, this movie has it all. 
What it doesn't have, alas, is a dime for the writer who created the character. 
Gary Friedrick is reportedly penniless, sick, and about to lose his house... and he's just lost the lawsuit he filed, hoping to get back rights to the character, or at least some portion of the millions that Marvel is making off him. In fact, just to salt the wounds, the court ruled he owes Marvel $17,000 for selling unlicensed prints of the Ghost Rider.

He goes on to provide a link to donate what you would have paid on movie tickets to Friedrick. Head on over to George's blog post to learn more.

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