Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two new works up, two free promos!

It's been a crazy week of formatting and uploading. I'll highlight two new works today, and then the release of one of my stories in Spanish later this week. First of all, let me announce the publication of the German edition of Coyote Discovers Mars and Other Stories, a three story collection including: Coyote Discovers Mars, Polar Shift, and Root. Currently this collection of stories is only available in German and represents the hard work that translator, Michael Drecker, has done. On Thursday, June 14, 2012, this collection will be free, so please do come download it to enjoy.

The other new work that I've uploaded is Avatar, which is, to be entirely honest, available for free if you look in the righthand margin of this website. It'll also be free in Kindle format from June 14-18, so feel free to grab it there too. This is a co-write I did with Ty Franck, who now cowrites with Daniel Abraham as James SA Corey. Those two are up for a Hugo this year. This short story by me and Ty is not, but maybe you'll like it anyway.

Hope this frenzy of uploading our house means many happy hours of reading for all of you!

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