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Insurgent, by Veronica Roth

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tris and the rest of the refugees from Dauntless have escaped Chicago after enduring a horrific night in which they were forced to murder defenseless civilians. Now they're in the Amity compound and safe, right?

Wrong. The forces that led up to the disturbing end of the last book are still in play, and even worse, it's hard to know who's on which side. The one thing you do know is that being Divergent means you're marked for death, and Tris and Tobias are still Divergent. This, plus their troubled relationships with their families should make their relationship stronger, right?

Wrong. The stress of being hunted takes its toll on these two, and they're still teenagers in their first relationship after all. As the story unfolds, you're left wondering whether these two will pull through, or will they come apart just like the world around them.

It's just disgusting that a writer this young writes this well. Veronica Roth's sequel is spectacular, in my opinion, because it avoids so many pitfalls that sequels can fall into. It has a story and isn't just the same beloved characters wandering around without much plot. Things get complicated and people we care about get hurt, and by the end, Roth has raised the stakes yet again.

In this book prepare to:

1) see another side to Tobias and learn more about his past. It's much more complicated than you'd think.
2) watch the main character suffer and struggle and even screw up in some heartbreaking ways. That's what makes her ultimate triumph all the more satisfying.
3) see the setting from entirely different perspectives. You spend some time with Amity, overhear Faction leaders discuss politics, and infiltrate the ranks of the factionless. And then there's the ending, which changes everything, but I'm not giving that away.

It's a well crafted book when all the elements have depth and become more interesting upon closer examination. I highly recommend this one!

This series begins with Divergent.
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