Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My interview with Ian Tregillis, on Black Gate

Today's post is actually a link to an interview of Ian Tregillis I posted last week on Black Gate, one that I am writing this corresponding post for now, after the fun disruption that was Ellen Datlow's Kickstarter campaign - which got funded in full, by the way!

I interviewed Ian when I was home in New Mexico this last summer, and it was one crazy interview because we kept cracking each other up and making jokes that were rather out there. He and I have spent WAY too much time alone on long car rides and hence have taken already lame jokes and dragged them out past the outer limits of absurdity.

So I did a lot of editing on this interview so that it's exclusively about our time together in Critical Mass, a writer's group of pros in northern New Mexico, and Ian's Milkweed Triptych, which is on of the most awesome novel series there is. And no, that's not a lame joke made absurd. I'm being honest there.

Head on over and listen to Ian and I crack each other up (and maybe you'll find us funny too), and then head over to the nearest bookstore or book website and buy Ian's books! Also, here is Ian's website.

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