Monday, January 28, 2013

My interview with Kiini Ibura Salaam on Black Gate

My post today is about my interview with Kiini Ibura Salaam on Black Gate. Kiini and I were classmates at Clarion West, and I could try to express how awesome she is, but I'll let her do that with one of her promotional videos for her book, Ancient, Ancient. She recently earned out her advance on this book, which is really saying something, because not only is it a short story collection - and those can be very hard to sell - it's her first full length book that is all her writing (she previously did a collaborative novel with several other writers and has been featured in many anthologies.) She is also the creator of KIS List, an email list of her thoughts and advice on writing and building an artistic career, and a selection of these posts has been compiled into her nonfiction book: On the Psychology of Writing: Notes from the Trenches, which I highly recommend. I have a copy, and remember several of the posts from when I first read them on KIS List.

Head on over to my interview of her on Black Gate to hear more. The interview is about 45 minutes long, and finishes with us talking about Under the Needle's Eye, the Clarion West 2001 anthology, which we'll soon be releasing in other, non-Kindle formats. 


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