Monday, April 8, 2013

My latest short story, Disciple, is up on Black Gate

I know it's been a while since I've posted. My indie writing career is still going full throttle, but my real excuses are my two adorable kiddos, who I have the privilege of playing with during the day. So, I'm a bit late posting this link to my short story, Disciple, that is now up on Black Gate.

This is the story of Dina, a barkeeper with a deep dark secret that involves unlicensed magic, an overthrown monarch, and the deaths of thousands. I've actually got other unpublished stories set in the Disciple universe. We'll see if they ever make it into print.

Tangent Online calls the story a "wonderfully complicated tale" and "a pleasure to read." They "strongly recommend" it.

This story dates back to my days in the Critical Mass writer's group and was one of the first short stories - as in a work of this length that actually told a story - I managed to write. A lot of late nights and tears went into this one. I sold it to Black Gate before I became one of their bloggers (though really, that makes little difference to their editor, when he picks stories to buy).

And with the publication of this story, I enter, for the first time since I sold my short story, a time when I have no more sold but unpublished short stories. I'll need to get hopping on the next one. Part of the reason for this is that as I've sold to bigger and bigger markets, the lag time between sale and publication has decreased. Part of the reason is also that indie writing thing I do.

Head on over to Black Gate to check out Disciple!

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