Tuesday, August 27, 2019


It's out! The second book of The Sunrise Prophecy is now for sale, and for a limited time, only $0.99!

You can purchase it on:

Apple Books
Google Play

It's also available via Overdrive and other subscription/library services.

Back cover copy:

Corban Alexander has a dark side, and ever since a chance encounter with Liana Linacre, a girl he was supposed to protect, it's darker and more addictive than ever. Every minute of every hour of every day he fights to resist succumbing. If he does, he will fall, and gain the power to scourge and wreak havoc upon humanity, feeding off their pain. It would take a legion of angels to stop him.

So when he learns that Liana needs help once again, he knows he is the last person to provide it. The problem is, no one else is willing.

Corban must return to the side of the girl he loves, and pray that he is strong enough to save both her and himself.

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