Thursday, March 4, 2021

Out now on Radish Fiction: An Apocalyptic First Impression

It's been seven years and one apocalypse since Aline last saw Micah, the love of her life. They met in high school, dated for a few months, and then were shunted to different realms as magical forces rent the bounds of reality. Now she's back on Earth and desperate to make things work, but it's complicated. Micah never knew Aline was a shifter, or has the supernatural ability to jump worlds. He's had his fill of the strange and fantastical. It nearly got him killed seven years ago. 

But he is at least willing to let Aline tell him her story and explain why she disappeared. Will she be able to convince him that even though the rest of her kind were psychopathic, nihilistic manipulators, she's different? Or is she lying even to herself? She does have a few murders to explain, after all. 

Can true love endure across so much time and chaos, or will Aline have to accept that the things she did to save the world are a bridge too far for the man she loves?

You can get this story on Radish, which is a phone app that lets you read chapters one at a time. (So please make sure to click that link on your phone--if you are on your computer, you just get a link to the story summary and no way to get to the book itself.) If you're patient, you can read this for free, or you can pay to unlock chapters faster.

You can find my work on this app as: EmilyMah

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