Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My dog

What does it say about me that I blog about my pets before even mentioning my husband or religion? It says that I am fiddling with Blogger, learning how to upload images, and this one was handy.

This, is Jakob, my Norwegian Elkhound. The name is, of course, pronounced "Ya-kob" because he is Norwegian. I have had elkhounds all of my life.

No, seriously. My parents had one when I was born and they are on their third. Jakob is my first. I love this breed; they're very people oriented and mellow. They shed like crazy and have no respect for conservation of mass, but I'm used to that.

In the foreground of this photo you will notice the remains of a chew toy shaped like a postal worker. What, you ask, is this doing in the home of a couple of devout, law abiding Latter-day Saints? Well, I did look for one that was more appropriate, but no one stocked any shaped like nineteen year old boys in white shirts with nametags.


  1. He is absolutely gorgeous! And he looks very happy and well-loved.

  2. Aw, thanks! Your Maya is a pretty girl, and probably about ten times as smart. I sed to work with dogs like her when I was at boarding school - the school had a working farm. Some of them could understand a frightening amount of English.

  3. Oh, how cool that you got to work with collies! I first fell in love with border collies when I saw a professional herding demonstration. Luckily, she's enough of a mix that she's very well-suited to being a pet rather than a working dog, but she still works hard on herding us when there's someplace she wants us to go!

  4. Yeah, I once had an English teacher who claimed that hers ran in circles around her children at all times. Really useful when they went to the beach.